31 Ocak 2012 Salı

Update 31Jan12

19 Ocak 2012 Perşembe

Sketches 19Jan12

Bucket Head version of our Pyramid head, for some Homestuck humor =)

I was just doodling around on this one... White cat.

Aaaand my favourite of the day =) Mydia.

18 Ocak 2012 Çarşamba

Sketches 18Jan12

 I couldn't get to do a full-colored art today so there're the sketchy stuff of the day.

17 Ocak 2012 Salı

Gamzee the Faygo Model

Hahahahah. Gamzee the Faygo model. Best commercial for trolls and fangirls. Including me, probably. ButI have no regrets of this. I had too much fun :D
Here's the process animation!

15 Ocak 2012 Pazar

Pixel-ish Furk

Because he wanted to.

14 Ocak 2012 Cumartesi

Grimdark Rose & Girl grown in a jar

 I couldn't sleep a few nights ago, so I sketched Grimdark Rose instead. I was planning to hate it afterwards but I didn't care the next day so here it is...

And myself in a jar :D I did it today, as a practice of pixel art after year of not trying,and a new Dev ID. Jar, because my friend Dizzy called me once "the jar girl" because of my parents.

12 Ocak 2012 Perşembe

B-day Gift - BK

That’s my friend. It’s his birthday and he asked me for a portrait a few days ago, so It’s a requested birthday gift.

Nyan Cat Costume

I’ve sketched this a while ago, then I complately forgot about it. I found it today and decided to color! So here’s Mydia’s Nyan Cat costume <3

11 Ocak 2012 Çarşamba


Started as a morning practice sketch, but I got carried on with it… Another troll from Homestuck, Gamzee, who is one of my favourites. I don't know why I'm always attracted to insane characters. HONK :o)

10 Ocak 2012 Salı

Crayon Brush test

Sai's crayon brush sure is fun!
I'm still fighting with the art block... White Cat sure helps.

9 Ocak 2012 Pazartesi

Self Chibi

I fail at drawing today.

8 Ocak 2012 Pazar

Leonydia - Night Chat

Scene from my head-rps. I was about to give up in every second of its process and I finally did. I probably should have pushed myself more but... Whatever...

5 Ocak 2012 Perşembe


It was time for some homestuck fanart. I barely understand what the hell is going on with the comic but… I feel like there’s more Vriska needed.

Chibi Furk

He's been asking for his chibi portrait for a while now, I finally got time to make one. He looked a bit like Michael Jackson while drawing but I got rid of that feeling when coloring, or I just got used to it...
He looks like him anyway XD

3 Ocak 2012 Salı


Sketched my friend Nehan for one of her projects, I don't exactly know what she's planning.